1. F00: No groutline

    Groutline: No groutline
    Measurements: 11x600x2400 mm
    Fibo article number: 8054M00

  2. M6040: 60×40 cm

    Groutline: 1.8 mm
    Measurements: 11x600x2400 mm
    Fibo article number: 8054M6040

Corner profiles

The Fibo wall system comprises wall panels and all the accessories you need for a lasting result. We offer a range of internal and external corner profiles in aluminium or PVC.

The installation method depends on which corner profiles you choose. View our installation videos and learn how.

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How to fit Fibo’s waterproof wall system

Our wall panels are inexpensive and easy to fit and clean. And of course, they are approved under the Norwegian wet room standard.

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Why choose Fibo?

The Fibo wall system has been developed to make installation simple and cost-effective for our customers. Full-height panels and a minimum of preparation make it up to five times quicker to fit a Fibo bathroom compared with tiles. Fibo can be fitted to existing walls or directly onto a stud wall.

  • Easy to fit

    Fem ganger raskere enn flis

  • Durable and approved system

    Last ned teknisk dokumentasjon

  • Eco-friendly solution

    Med mål om bærekraftig skogsdrift