About Fibo

Ever since Fibo was founded in 1952, we have been leading the way in the creation of high-quality waterproof wall systems for wet rooms

Manufactured in Norway with a focus on quality

Our wall systems are cost efficient, easy to install, easy to clean, durable and have minimal environmental impact. The systems are certified according to wet-room standards and the panels come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty for residential installations and 25 years for commercial installations.

Production takes place in Lyngdal, southern Norway, where it has done since the company was founded. We have upgraded the factory to become a modern low-emission plant that produces more wall using less energy – with reduced waste and increased recycling for new raw materials.

State of the art production facility

Our factory is built for the future. With a high focus on digitalisation and automation, we are able to deliver high quality products at scale. Our factory is certified according to ISO14001 – which is the gold standard in environmental management practices. As an organisation the quality of our products are assured through our ISO 9001 certification.

Watch the video for a tour of our factory and to see how Fibo is made.