Easy to install the Fibo Kitchen Board

Fibo Kitchen Board is a simple and smart solution to protect the wall between the kitchen counter top and cupboards from water and food scraps. But it is also the fastest way to satisfaction and leaving your personal touch in the kitchen. See how easy it is!

Step 1 | Installing Fibo Kitchen Board

  1. Measure and make sure to define a distance of 2-3 mm from worktop up to the bottom of the panel.
  2. Predrill wholes through laminat, and fasten with a screw in the panel edge (not necessary if gluing)
  3. All panels must be screwed in screw lip, before clicking it in place, if you choose to glue the panels, the screws are not necessary.

Step 2 | Fibo Kitchen Board behind sink

  1. It is recommended to use sealant between the panels behind the sink. Fibo Seal is applied on the left side of the panel before the panels are clicked together.
  2. Clean and remove excess sealant with Fibo Clean, Fibo Sealing Tools and Fibo Wipes.

Step 3 | Install the final panel

  1. After pre-drilling and countersinking, screw the last panel (if gluing, not necessary)
  2. Hide the screw (if used) with L-profile at the end of the panel.
  3. Use sealant between the panel and the worktop to get a smooth and correct finish

Download our installation instruction as a PDF.