Product Benefits

  • Designs that homeowners love
  • Engineered for speed. 5 x faster than tiles (– build more units in less time – save money)
  • Eco-friendly – renewable timber & better indoor climate
  • Lower Co2 footprint than tiles***
  • Safer to transport than tiles
  • Less skilled labour needed. One trained Fibo installer vs specialist tilers
  • Antibacterial surfaces
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Aqualock system 
  • 25 year warranty

About Fibo

Fibo is a 100% waterproof wall system that is perfect for modular bathroom construction. Watch the 40 second video to grasp the concept. 

We refer to Fibo as a complete wall system because we provide everything you need to install a waterproof bathroom unit. Our system is made up of wall panels, profiles, sealant, screws, clean, wipes and other accessories all custom designed for Fibo installations. More on accessories here

What they say

Quick and easy fitting𐄂
Simple to work with𐄂
Budget friendly𐄂
Easy to cut𐄂
No grouting𐄂
Low maintenance
Water proof𐄂
Warm to the touch

Switching to Fibo has never been easier! We provide free installation training either onsite or online for all our modular customers.